As you may remember, it was just a couple of weeks ago that we celebrated the Miura’s 50th anniversary by driving the eternal classic in the Italian Alps. This week, Sant’Agata Bolognese has announced a special edition of the current Aventador coupe that pays tribute to the Miura.

Dubbed Aventador Miura Homage, this modern-day tribute to the icon that laid the foundation for Lamborghini’s V12 supercars has been created by the Italian carmaker’s Ad Personam studio, the bespoke division that personalises Lambos the way MSO does it for McLaren, or SVO does for Jaguar. Naturally, it stays faithful to the original in terms of colours and specifications, sporting contrasting tones for the upper and lower body. The Aventador Miura Homage is available in six of the classic Miura hues, including Rosso Arancio Miura, Verde Scandal and Blu Tahiti.

The nod to the original continues with 20/21in Dione rims in either silver or gold, both in matte finish. Metallic Miura badges on the sides, a black Lamborghini logo at the rear, and a limited edition plate in the cabin further distinguish Aventador Miura Homage from the ‘regular’ supercar.

Two interior color options are offered, Nero Ade or Terra Emilia leather with a carbon fiber package as standard. The Miura 50th logo is stitched into the upholstery in gold or silver and the ‘Lamborghini’ lettering embroidered on the leather dashboard.

Sadly, the mechanicals aren’t of the SV spec, however, the stock 6.5-litre V12’s 700bhp and 690Nm, along with 0-100kph time of 2.9 seconds and a 350kph top speed aren’t bad by any standards.

Lamborghini says “the majority of” these have been already sold, so if you really want to get hold of one, get in touch with the local dealership right now.