Remember the Initial D manga and anime series? Fans of the Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno sure do. It followed Takumi Fujiwara who delivered tofu for his father's tofu shop along mountain-pass roads honing his drifting skills in his, yep, AE86 which was decked out in a white and black paint job. It sure influenced the drifting scene and now, the panda-coloured car lives again thanks to Toyota UK which has reimagined it based on the current 86 – the spiritual successor to the AE86 generation – for a whole new generation.

Called the Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept, it naturally rides on 17in RS Watanabe alloys (with optional black finish) and it has a TRD Sportivo suspension system with a Cusco strut brace. It has Fujitsubo exhaust system too but there are many other nods to the original car such as a carbon-fibre bonnet, yellow-tinted fog lamps and a silver-painted engine cover – a nod to the high-revving ‘Silver Top’ 4A-GE motor. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The body features Panda-style metallic black vinyl graphics, mud flaps just like the original Initial D car while the GT86’s boot lid spoiler has been ditched. The makeover includes carbon fibre door handle protectors and mirror covers which give an effect similar to the black plastic material used on the AE86 and the rear lenses have been tinted. It also has a TRD high-pressure radiator cap, TRD push start button. Lastly, the text on the driver's door reads Fujiwara Tofu Ten, which translates as 'Fujiwara Tofu Shop' while the illustrations Toyota prepared with British-based manga artist Sonia Leong only add to the wow-factor.

The Toyota GT86 Initial D concept will be attending motoring events around Britain throughout the summer.