We have been enjoying all the rumours about the Challenger SRT Demon because we thought most of it was just hyperbole – but boy, Dodge was not kidding about this beast. And now, with the car being unveiled at the New York motor show, we have to say some of the performance figures are indeed eye-widening - but what is more impressive than its 840 horses, 972Nm of torque, 0-100kph sprint time of just 2.3 seconds or that it pulls 1.8 times the force of gravity at launch is the fact that the Dodge can do… three foot wheelies!

Yes folks, mash the throttle and it has enough power to literally shoot for the stars. Talk about taking performance to new heights! In fact, Guinness World Records has certified the Demon – a name which Dodge has resurrected from the Seventies - as reaching an astonishing 2.92 feet without the front wheels touching the ground. Good job then that it has a set of Bilstein shocks at the front that have been set for firm compression and soft rebound damping.

3,300 units are to be built of the street-legal factory track car at the Brampton, Ontario plant – this makes the Demon far less exclusive than say the Ford GT; the supercar is to be limited to 1,000 units but costs around Dh1.5 million. Suffice to say the Demon – which has a wider track than the Hellcat and 97 new parts in the engine - will set you back far less. Speaking of the engine, the red-painted supercharged 6.2-litre Hemi V8 has a much bigger 2.7-litre supercharger (the Hellcat made do with a paltry 2.4 litre…) along with a new crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshaft, and valvetrain. The boost pressure goes up from 11.6 psi to 14.5 psi while the eight-speed automatic’s software has been tweaked to handle the extra grunt (it also gets a stronger drive shaft and a beefed-up rear axle) and there’s a new Transbrake function; this builds and holds more power for launch when you switch the car to Drag mode. That sounds like a lot of fun but let’s spare a thought for those 315/40R18 Nitto drag radials in all four corners. Yes they’re extra sticky to provide better traction (they have a 15 per cent larger contact patch and twice the grip of the Hellcat) but they won’t last very long at all, not with 840 horsepower to contend with. You better make friends with your local tyre dealer asap.

And finally, to save a bit of weight, the Demon comes as standard with just one seat. Yes, you read that right - it’s the driver’s seat (obviously) but you can add more chairs so you can carry your friends in the front and back too. We’d leave it as it is and that’s because we don’t know anyone brave enough to join us for a ride in this wild thing!