What has more power than the brand new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (840 horses), Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (650 horses) and Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 (526 horses) and is way cooler than all three put together? That’s easy – it’s the 1,000 horsepower 2017 Trans Am Super Duty of course and it’s just been revealed at the New York motor show. Get those tight jeans and Stetsons out to celebrate, folks!

Tallahassee-based Trans Am World, the exclusive manufacturer of the Trans Am brand (it’s the same outfit who unveiled the Trans Am Bandit edition based on a fifth generation Camaro at the New York motor show last year) have worked their magic on the new sixth gen Chevy to give us the new rip-roaring TA. The Bandit edition made a very healthy 840 horses but the newbie, which is built upon the much-improved Alpha chassis, makes 120 more than that. The original 1973-74 Trans Am Super Duty 455 featured a massive 7.5-litre V8 which produced 310 horsepower giving the Firebird legendary status. That was a serious amount of firepower back when most muscle cars were being strangled to death by stringent new emission regulations - and it still is today but the 2017 Trans Am Super Duty churns out more than three times that output.

The Camaro’s front and rear fascia has been given a complete facelift to resemble the second generation Pontiac Trans Am built between 1977-78 made famous thanks to the smash hit Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds. It gets the big Firebird decal on the bonnet along with the shaker scoop, packs the heat extractors on the fenders, has similarly styled Snowflake wheels and best of all you can spec the muscle car with t-tops. But more impressive than the macho looks is the firepower; the 7.4-litre V8 LT1 (mated to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission) gets a Magnuson Supercharger atop the block to make 1,418Nm of tyre melting torque.

It rides an inch lower to the ground than the Camaro and has a set of meaty 305/35R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres out back. Brembo six-piston front brakes give this TA plenty of stopping power and we can’t think of a better way to mark the 50th anniversary of the Firebird this year than this.