Jaguar has teased an image of its upcoming wagon, the XF Sportbrake, and it’ll probably be quite an attractive looker since the XF is already a nice car to begin with. But, just think of all that extra space at the back! There will be far more than the 550 litres that the saloon offers - or 1,675 litres with the seats folded - that much is for absolute certain although there isn’t much else in terms of technical information to go by as of yet.

What we do know is that it will have a massive panoramic glass roof and we know this because, er, we can see it from the top down teaser image. It will surely give the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E-Class estates something to think about when it comes to the market and that is expected to be this summer in Europe.

It is however, quite safe to assume that it will be offered with the same engines that the XF saloon makes do with (they’ll range from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder to a 3.0-litre supercharged V6) and it’ll come as a breath of fresh air for all frustrated wagonistas out there. Usually a teaser image is of a new SUV or CUV (this is the most important segment in the motoring industry at the moment…) and as a result, carmakers are concentrating their efforts on family-friendly high-riders, so news about a new estate is quite refreshing.

Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum said: “With XF Sportbrake we’ve created a silhouette which sweeps towards the rear, almost into the distance, and really gives the car a sense of speed and sportiness. It will bring new levels of practicality to the range without sacrificing the dynamic design and agile handling our customers expect.”