In the dizzy world of ultra-luxury cars, after a $160,000 (Dh587,680) Breitling Tourbillon dashboard clock as an added extra, the latest option Crewe’s offering for its Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV, doesn’t even seem that extravagant. Hand-crafted by Bentley’s bespoke division Mulliner, the new Bentayga Falconry model seems tailor-made for our region.

With a unique installation in the cargo area of the Bentayga, the Falconry model features everything a falconer might need for a day out in the desert enjoying the UAE’s national bird. Made of natural cork, the back of the car has ‘a master flight station’ and a ‘refreshment case’ which sit on moveable trays, and special drawers lined in piano black veneer housing all the kit. Included is a GPS bird-tracking unit, binoculars, and of course hand-crafted leather bird hoods so your falcon doesn’t feel left out.

Inside the special Bentayga, Bentley has thought of transporting your falcon in the cabin alongside you, perched on top of a leather addition to the armrest, and Mulliner has decorated the dash with a depiction of a desert scene made of 430 individual pieces of wood sourced from all over the world. Each design takes nine days to create.

In other words, expensive… Considering that the most sought-after falcons can fetch as much as a million dollars, the clientele Bentley is targeting with the Bentayga Falconry isn’t short on cash, which is why the Crewe carmaker can charge $100,000 (Dh367,000) for the option on top of the Dh955,000 starting price of the car…