In the lofty realm of the ultra-rich, cars are invariably seen as one of the most important means announcing one’s success. It’s also highly probable that if you belong to that strata of society, golf will be among your favourite pastimes. While your set of expensive wheels will make sure you stand out from the rest at the golf club parking lot, once you’re out on the golf course, there isn’t usually anything distinguishing you from the other players. Now, Mercedes-Benz wants to solve this problem for you.

To make sure that the prestige and distinction offered by your S-Class, G-Class or Maybach on the road and upto the parking area are extended to the golf course too, the German carmaker has launched a special golf cart. Built in collaboration with Scandinavian golf cart maker Garia, the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car is termed a “real sportscar” in the official announcement. “With the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car we are offering a high-end golf cart which is absolutely unique and was specifically developed for sporting golfers and the sport they enjoy,” says Jens Thiemer, vice president marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Mercedes and Garia have incorporated many elements into the special cart that gives it the character of a real car, including a large, curved windscreen, a carbon-fibre roof, short front and rear overhangs, a small rear spoiler that also acts as a golf bag holder, and a carbon-fibre diffuser. And to ensure that you dob’t miss the amenities and convenience features you’re used to in your luxury ride, Mercedes has incorporated a refrigerator under the bench seat, holders on the instrument panel support and on the passenger side for glasses and bottles, an integrated 10.1in touchpad that shows the remaining range, vehicle speed, current power consumption and parking brake status. It also gets 'sport' or 'eco' driving modes, headlamps, windscreen heater, wipers and many more car-like features.

Power comes from a motor with up to 3kW (4 horsepower) of regular output and short bursts up to 11 kW (15 horsepower) with a limited top speed of 31kph. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 80km of range and charges in about six hours. Although it’s a show car as of now, Mercedes plans to take the Golf Car to select events around the world to gauge reaction, and we don’t expect it to remain a design exercise.