It’s been three years since Peugeot had a pick-up in its ranks since the 207-based Hoggar met its demise but now it has another one, and it’s been creatively named Pick Up…

To be available exclusively in Africa, it is based on the Chinese Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Rich New which itself was based on the ‘D22’ Nissan Navara. The latter made its debut way back in 1997 and goes to explain the rather aged aesthetics of the new Pick Up.

Anyway, it gets a new grille and slightly modified graphics of the headlights and taillights. And of course, the lion badge replaces Dongfeng’s logo while around the back the large "Peugeot" lettering on the tailgate is a nod to the 404 and 504 pickups.

Supplied: Peugeot Pick Up

The workhorse has a ground clearance between 210 to 215mm (depending on model) and is powered by a turbodiesel 2.5-litre making 115 horses and 280Nm of torque. The diesel can be had in either a 4x2 or a 4x4 system via a five-speed manual featuring high and low modes.

It aims to deliver segment-leading interior room and features a radio with a CD player and USB slot, ABS, electrically adjustable mirrors, front airbags, and rear parking sensors. Available luxuries include air conditioning, and electric windows and mirrors. It will boast a maximum payload of 815kg and will have a 1.4 metre long bed with anchoring hooks.

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