Jaguar has revealed the E-Pace, its new medium sized SUV that aims to storm this fast-growing market sector. Unveiled in Central London last evening, the E-Pace is Jaguar’s second SUV, and follows on from the larger F-Pace, of which over 80,000 have been sold. The E-Pace is competitively priced; starting at Dh136,000 approximately. UAE customers will be interested in the top-spec version, the E-Pace First Edition, which will retail for Dh227,000. E-Pace and E-Pace R-Dynamic are available with three specification packs and a choice of five powertrains and four roof designs. The E-Pace will appeal to young families who want just one multi-purpose vehicle. Jaguar expects 80 per cent of E-Pace buyers to be new to the brand of the leaping cat.

The E-Pace is slightly larger than its sister, the Range Rover Evoque. Coventry says new chassis technology and adaptive dynamics, like the clever dampers that can constantly adjust settings, will make the E-Pace feel almost like a sportscar but with a relaxing ride. Five engine choices include four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesels and petrols that produce between 150 and 300bhp and 380-400Nm of torque, with 0-100kph times ranging from 9.5 to a rapid 5.9 seconds. Top speeds vary from 199kph to 243kph, with CO2 emissions that are respectfully low. JLR’s brilliant designer Ian Callum, announced that a petrol-electric hybrid in the pipeline. More on this man soon….

Clever mechanical layout, like a transverse engine and smart compact suspension has freed up much room, making the E-Pace small on the outside and big on the inside. An inside that Jaguar rightly quotes as, “raising the bar”.  Its load carrying capacity is also impressive. It can accommodate five adults and their baggage. High tech surrounds the occupants with a 30cm digital drivers’ screen and a 10-inch touch screen that behaves like your smartphone. There is a colour head-up display, 4G Wi-Fi, five USB points and a smart watch that allows remote monitoring.

Fuel economy (Combined Cycle) varies from 35 to 54 mpg, thanks in part to the drive system. This means that the E-Pace whether manual or automatic is usually front-wheel-drive, and switches instantly to smart four-wheel-drive if the need occurs. The four-wheel-drive comes with all the tricks to cope with whatever slipperiness is thrown at the vehicle.

This is the first Jaguar made entirely outside the UK; in this case Austria, with a new facility in China to build the E-pace for the Far East market. The move to more global factory locations is because, “UK factories are ‘bursting at the seams.”

Finally, a reminder of some mighty corporate numbers: India’s Tata, which owns Jaguar Land Rover, are investing more than £4billion a year to build these two prestigious brands. In the past six years, JLR has doubled sales, tripled turnover and invested over £16billion in new products. The E-Pace looks to be another winner that will help take the Jaguar success story even further.