It’s been over a month since we heard any more news about the soon to be relaunched TVR (that first teaser image showing those side pipes sure got us excited!) but now, another official image from the British marque has been revealed displaying the front end of the upcoming new model, and it looks great.

We love the aggressive look of the side pipes on the upcoming TVR

The retro-looking front fascia immediately reminds us of some legendary models of the past such as the Griffith. And the new model may even be called Griffith what with a recent trademark registration filed by TVR to claim the name. This isn’t confirmed yet but all will be revealed on September 8 when the new sportscar is unveiled at the Goodwood Revival. It’ll be the first all new TVR in 12 years and as reported earlier will pack a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 from Cosworth mated to a six-speed manual. Its debut will also coincide with the brand’s 70th anniversary and if the first teaser of the exhaust got the internet talking then this latest one is bound to get chins wagging even further. The Griffith ceased production in 2002 but from the looks of this teaser image, it could easily be a modern interpretation of the old car.

The similarities with the old Griffith are clear, but all will be revealed on September 8

It’s clear to see the old TVR DNA from the picture; check out the bulging bonnet, the large air intake, and if our eyes aren’t failing us - a double bubble roof. It’ll have a carbon fibre chassis and weigh around 1,200kg and when you factor in the V8 will make around 480 horsepower and have a top speed of 322kph, the newbie is bound to be a thrill a minute.