This giant SUV has just made its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in what BMW is calling concept form, but really, it’s the 2018 X7 or as near as can be - the production version will surface at another show next year before the full-sizer goes on sale.

Going up against Range Rovers and seven-seater Mercedes-Benz GLSs, the BMW X7 concept is a six-seater with emphasis on the front two rows of captain’s chairs, and when it’s ready for the showroom it’ll reach you from its manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

It’s fitting that BMW’s biggest ever car will be produced in America, and even more appropriate is the traditional kidney grille on the X7 that’s gone morbidly obese.

The massive mug is the highlight of the concept, even if it additionally introduces new styling elements to the X vehicle line such as circular wheel arches for the first time, with a lot of detail emphasis on vertical lines to exaggerate the already gargantuan SUV’s size and height even more.

Around the back you’ll notice there are no tailpipes, because this X7 concept is a hybrid with a straight-six turbo engine and electric motor on board, so you can look out for this cue to continue on future BMW hybrids.
Speaking of future cars the X7 will be kicking off a massive BMW product onslaught coming up, with Munich targeting a line-up of 40 models in the short term. You won’t miss them coming down the road wearing those grilles, that’s for sure.