As our attention turns to the upcoming Dubai motor show kicking off on November 14, it takes quite something to distract us from the local shindig, and Toyota has done just that.
Before our own regional show first there’s a little get-together in Japan next week taking place, with the Tokyo motor show making a bit of a comeback thanks to a bunch of global premieres pre-announced.
One of them is Toyota’s ultimate flagship model, the Century, that’s for decades been available exclusively in Japan. This latest generation model is one of Toyota’s prime debuts for the Tokyo motor show, seeing as it’s basically a Japanese take on a stretch luxury limo.
This new one is considered only the third-generation Century, even though the model nameplate has been in production since 1967. The first generation lasted thirty years from 1967 to 1997, and the second generation went on for the last 20 years. 
So get a good look at this new third-gen Century, or don’t, because it’ll be probably be around longer than you are. The understated, classy looking Century makes us wish Toyota would offer the model outside of its home market, even if it’s dropped its classic V12 engine in favour of a new V8 hybrid powertrain (the Century was Toyota’s only model in history to get a production V12 engine). 
Other changes include a longer wheelbase, bigger door opening, raised roofline, and more room for rear passengers who also get massaging seats and a power leg-rest.
Toyota also increased the width and length of the new Century, and went with LED headlights and dual-structure grille. 
As elegant and simple as it is outside, the third-gen Century is all about the experience in the cabin, which is trimmed entirely in fine wool, rather than using leather — although you can have that optionally as well.
Engineers stiffened up the body, and went with bespoke tyres to improve ride quality and reduce road vibrations along with a new suspension set-up, again, emphasising comfort. 
They’ve even added special engine mounts to lessen vibrations, and a noise control system to quieten things down on start-up and during acceleration. 
All the safety kit you’d expect is also included, such as blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems, and you also get curtains and a big LCD panel to play with back there. 
So if you want to be really unique, it seems what you need is a Toyota…