It’s not so hard to understand at all - there you have Sergio Marchionne speaking in New York and going back on Ferrari’s word, yet again, by basically announcing a Maranello SUV green-lit for about 2020, and here you have Range Rover contemplating a car. Those are the rumours, a supercar maker making an SUV, and an SUV maker making a car. It doesn’t surprise me at all - people always want what they can’t have.

So those are the times. In normal news here is a new Range Rover SUV, no need to pinch yourself.

To be revealed at next month’s Dubai motor show starting from November 14, the new 2018 Range Rover Sport line-up has received a mid-life facelift and tech update to keep up with the latest third-generation Cayenne and upcoming seven-seater BMW X7.

This is a big catch for us, a proper public premiere taking place in the Middle East, although the model Range Rover is really highlighting gets no mention by the company’s local reps. I’m talking about the first plug-in hybrid from the brand, following the news from Range Rover stating all of its SUVs (and cars) will be electrified from 2020.

2018 Range Rover Sport PHEV

For 2018 the new Range Rover Sport PHEV, then, is badged as the P400e, so you can guess total system horsepower - a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine familiar across Jaguar Land Rover’s portfolio works here in tandem with a 114bhp electric motor to put a total of 400 horsepower to the wheels, through permanent all-wheel drive.

Fully charged (rapid charging juices it up fully in less than three hours) the P400e will do about 50km in electric mode only without firing up the internal-combustion engine. Turn all the dials the right way though, and zero to 100kph takes 6.7 seconds and top speed is 220kph. You also get 640Nm of torque in Range Rover’s hybrid, which isn’t far off the company’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8 rated at about 680Nm.

Speaking of which, the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 remains under the bonnet of the new 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR, and that one will be in Dubai. It’s been boosted to 575 horsepower so now it does 0-100kph two-tenths quicker than before, in 4.5 seconds.

Exterior changes amount to new bumpers and grilles, and LED lights, but the interior gets two new 10.0in touchscreens as the cabin centerpieces, and some practical features such as a total of 12 power points around the car including two wall plugs.

With the 2018, Range Rover is also introducing its wearable Activity Key and a gesture controlled sunblind that opens and closes with a wave of your hand.

The whole range still offers customers a choice of four-cylinder, V6 and V8 petrol engines, and of course the SVR, the fastest Range Rover ever. Get your orders in now if you want early deliveries starting next year.