This might be the last front-engined Corvette ever. It might even be the last Corvette to be powered solely by a combustion engine. However, predicting the future of the automotive landscape using only rumour and hearsay is not an exact science so let’s keep our feet firmly planted in the present and ‘make do’ with today’s reality. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the most powerful Chevrolet Corvette in history and it has just had its global reveal right here in Dubai a few days before the Motor Show. 

We always knew the Corvette ZR1 was going to be a bit of a monster, every ZR1 has been. But this latest generation has 755 horsepower which makes us all slightly red-faced and ashamed when we remember back to the Z06 release. We probably called the Z06 a “Beast” with its ‘pathetic’ 650 horsepower and hid our women folk and kids in terror at the thought of a ‘vette with that much grunt. But 755 horsepower and not much change from 1000 Nm of torque (969 Nm) is a fair bit more poke than even we were expecting from this new ZR1. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And also expect us to now reevaluate when it is acceptable to refer to a car as a beast. Maybe…

All that power comes from the ZR1’s ‘LT5’ 6.2-litre V8 which is an evolution of the pushrod lump in the Z06. More specifically though, a lot of that power comes from the massive Eaton supercharger which pumps a 52 per cent bigger blow with each revolution than the LT4’s ever did and also features General Motor’s first ever dual-injection system. Top it all off with bespoke 95mm throttle bodies - biggest ever from GM - and this is one angry and powerful “flame-spitting” (genuine FACT and Chevrolet selling point) Corvette. And you can let everyone know how angry and powerful the ZR1 is as it has a new active exhaust which, in race mode, produces American levels of decibels while shooting flames.

The ZR1 is also cloaked in more dark matter - AKA carbon fibre - than any previous evil Chevrolet. And that central piece of carbon fibre on the bonnet is actually the intercooler cover which rocks about like an old school shaker hood. It’s a clever design to increase visibility as that massive blower sits over 70mm higher than the LT4’s did. But sitting even higher than that is the rear aero which produces exactly all the downforce. And it isn’t bolted on the boot - AKA ‘trunk’ - it’s bolted direct to the chassis. So forget about what may or may not happen in the future. Stop worrying about hybrids and BEVs. Who cares if the next generation Corvette is mid-engined or vegan. This is the here and now. This is today. This is the new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Wait, what do you mean 2019?