Honda Insight

Everyone and their favourite Hollywood movie star knows what a Prius is, but the Honda Insight was actually the first hybrid on the US market back in 1999, and could do 70 miles to the gallon or just over three litres per 100km. Now the third-generation 2019 Insight is ready to make its debut, with a two-motor hybrid system and a five-door, liftback design.


Lexus LF-1 Limitless

When Lexus was developing the brand’s first car in the Eighties they originally called the LS400 project F-1, for Flagship One. Now in Detroit, we’re getting the LF-1, which is a concept car representing a future Lexus flagship in the form of an SUV. Yeah, that’s how bad the craze has got. Other than that we know little, except that it has a lot of screens and a trick panoramic roof, and that it will be an electrified vehicle.



If you even needed more substantiation of the Chinese seriousness in the car business, pay attention to what GAC will be doing in Detroit. The Chinese company is bringing along a line of cars to take on European, American, and Middle East markets, with a minivan in store, as well as an all-electric concept car, and a luxury saloon no less.


Volkswagen Jetta

Once long ago the Passat got a boost in its staid image with the launch of the stylish, coupe-ish Passat CC, and now for Detroit 2018 Volkswagen is readying to inject a dose of style into the Jetta too, with the 2019 Jetta model teased ahead of the official premiere. Besides looking better, it’s also bigger, with a longer wheelbase and some extra width. Powerwise, this US-made car will pack a range of turbocharged four-pots, with over 200 horsepower available and a plug-in hybrid likely at a later stage too.


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Mercedes-Benz G-Class

It only took them four decades but Mercedes-Benz is finally ready to make the first generational leap for the legendary G-Class that was first designed in the Seventies for military service before it became the darling of private schools and shopping mall car parks from Beverly Hills to Dubai. The new one is merely getting rounded edges, because they wouldn’t dare mess with the design too much, and independent suspension which is a fairly big deal, plus an all-new interior and a nine-speed automatic transmission.


Toyota Avalon

Toyota’s mild design revolution is continuing particularly when its more traditionally restrained models are concerned such as the Corolla, Camry, and now judging by this teaser the company’s issued before the Detroit motor show debut is due, the 2019 Avalon as well. However, technically speaking you’re still in for a big saloon with somewhat plush suspension settings and a V6 engine driving the fronts via an automatic transmission. With the new looks, it’s likely to attract more buyers than it
does now.


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Acura RDX

The American fancy Honda brand is preparing a new crossover for the Detroit show, or more specifically a third-generation Acura RDX. The model was completely developed in the United States, and Acura says the the design actually takes cues from the pretty stunning Precision concept that we first saw at the 2016 Detroit motor show.


Hyundai Veloster

The dated, but weirdly successful, Hyundai Veloster four-door (that is to say, it’s a hatchback with a rear hatch door, and three doors on the sides asymmetrically, two on one side and one not the other side) is finally moving onto an all-new second-generation, which means you can expect the latest Korean tech and a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine worth at least 200 horsepower.



The Müncheners already showed us the all-new BMW X2 a couple of months ago, but the compact crossover will be making its first public appearance in Detroit, and it should do quite well for BMW against rivals such as the Range Rover Evoque. You can have it with up to 20in wheels, and performance from 0-100kph in the low sixes. Not bad…