BMW has been consistently selling just short of 60,000 X4s a year. So far they’ve sold over 200,000 in total. That is some good cabbage, because the crossover is generously profitable, being a coupé-SUV based on an SUV based on a saloon.

BMW isn’t about to end a good thing and just prior to the Geneva motor show taking place next month Munich has already revealed the new model which has grown in more ways than one.


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At launch the second generation X4 will roll out with just one petrol-powered option, although it’s the good one. With a 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six, the X4 M40i produces 360 horsepower and 500Nm of torque, which is 5bhp more than the old one, and 35Nm extra to boot. This gives the car a 4.8-second sprint time from zero to 100kph, and that’s a tenth quicker than the predecessor too.

More significantly the new X4 is 81mm longer, with 54mm extra in the wheelbase and 37mm more width. For better proportions overall, this stretched look is complemented by a 3mm drop in height, so the whole thing seems sleeker and lower and certainly easier on the eye than the original.

The biggest styling change is at the back where the X4 features BMW’s famous Hofmeister kink, and some slim, wide LED taillights.

Occupants gain more space, which is welcome knowing the old, cramped car, with an additional 27mm of legroom over the predecessor and cargo volume capacity expanded 525 liters with the seats up. The rear bench splits 40:20:40, and when fully reclined cargo space expands to a total of 1,430 litres, which is still about 300 litres down on the X3. But that’s to price you pay for a coupé roofline…


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BMW says much focus went into the body and chassis, so the car weighs up to 50kg less, coupled to increased rigidity, and improved aerodynamics with about a 10 per cent reduction in drag. The Germans even put out some off-road claims as if any X4 driver goes further than a medium height kerb, but in any case the new X4 will ford 500mm of water and boasts a ground clearance of 204mm.

Equipment levels are extensive, and the highlight according to BMW is the X4’s digital connectivity, including an app that works on smartwatches and smartphones. The new X4 is already available to order with deliveries starting later this year.


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