At the Geneva motor show that started last week, a little outfit called Fuji Heavy Industries proved they hadn’t forgotten their roots. Subaru still loves rallying, and even if there is no eternal rival in the shape of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to compete with anymore, Subaru put forth a concept idea of a potential future WRX model in no less than a station wagon body style, which just makes us pine for the Viziv Tourer concept even more.

Measuring in 4,775mm long, the Subaru is longer than something like, say, a BMW M4, and wider and lower too so that gives you an idea of its size. It’s not a pint-sized rally car, but Subaru has discovered size as a weapon recently (at least a sales weapon - see the new Subaru Ascent seven-seater…) and so the Viziv Tourer would have to cater to enthusiasts as well as families.

What’s more, although Subaru ha been churning out Viziv dubbed concepts since 2013, none of them have actually come to production as the hallowed next-generation WRX model, but this Viziv Tourer concept is scheduled to reach production around 2020, featuring the company’s trademark all-wheel drive system and a likely hybrid powerplant. 

Subaru is also quite insistent on cramming the car with a whole bunch of driver assistance systems.

Just don’t blame the car if you end up backwards in a ditch.


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