Since China became Volkswagen’s biggest single market, things started to get a bit weird — this week over in the US the Wolfsburg carmaker announced a new five-seater Atlas SUV to be built in Tennessee for the American car-buying public, while over in China at the same time Volkswagen also premiered the new five-seater Touareg SUV.

The latest third-generation Touareg has stepped up big time in terms of luxury and technology, made significant changes to the styling, and shares its platform with the Lamborghini Urus.

As Volkswagen’s SUV flagship, the Touareg now features that digitalised driver’s display you get in fancy Audis, up to 12 inches in size, as well as an optional central screen measuring a whopping 15in in diameter. 

Compared to its predecessor, the third-generation Touareg is also up to 106kg lighter thanks to more use of aluminium, but since it’s actually grown in terms of exterior dimensions (a little wider, a little longer…) it provides more occupant space and cargo volume than before. On board you’ll also find a host of assistance tech including night vision and lane assist as well as semi-autonomous modes at speeds of up to 60kph. Surprisingly, considering the recent headlines, Volkswagen will launch the new Touareg in Europe with a couple of diesel V6 engine options, including a V8 turbodiesel scheduled later that serves up around 420 horsepower.

The Chinese market will get a plug-in hybrid option too, worth about 360 system horsepower, but the Middle East market is likely to bank on a V6 petrol engine rated at 340 horsepower.