It’s about self reflection, I’m sure, and the daily struggles when David Banner raps about first-world problems interrupting trifles such as life goals: It’s so hard to get ‘em when 22s are glistenin’.

Yes, 22in wheels have been serenaded by every rapper from coast to coast, and although Banner was expressing devotion to a Cadillac, now you can out-inch everyone in a Chevrolet too.

Chevy has just announced the new 2019 Suburban with the RST Performance Package that includes, yup, 22in wheels and a towing capacity of nearly 3.7 tonnes so you can pull a house while looking good.

Since premiering on the Tahoe last year, the RST Performance option has seen enough demand for Chevrolet to spread the offer over to the full-size Suburban, and it lives up to the name with a 6.2-litre V8 available in the model for the first time.

This engine is rated at 420 horsepower and over 620Nm of torque, and even if it isn’t all that quick having to lug the Suburban’s weight around, it should have the sound to match with dual side-exit Borla exhausts. GM engineers say these increase flow by 28 per cent, and the extra power is complemented by Brembro brakes, with huge 410mm discs up front with six-piston calipers.

The 22s come with Bridgestone tyres, low-profile rubber, to go with the rest of the look — the Suburban RST Performance Package pretty much eliminates all chrome in favour of gloss-black trim and body-coloured details like the door handles and grille surround.

Included in the deal is GM’s Magnetic Ride Control active suspension system (the kind you get in Cadillacs and Corvettes), as well as a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

With that kind of hardware, not to mention the new 6.2-litre V8, the Suburban RST should do zero to 100kph in around six seconds comfortably.

When it goes on sale the big brute will cost between Dh250,000 and Dh300,000 if we take the US market price into account.