Even though Aston Martin is busy building the all-new AMG powered turbocharged Vantage, it seems there’s still some space on the production line for a few more units of the previous generation model because a run of 14 V12 Vantage V600s has been green lit! This should be the last hurrah for the oldie based on the VH platform and which ran for 13 years but you never know — Aston keeps milking the life out of it and might just find another way to keep it going...

Anyway, the V600 is influenced by the original 1999 model which was of course built to mark 40 years since Aston’s 1959 outright win at Le Mans. Seven coupés and seven convertibles will be made by Aston’s Q division with each one packing the naturally aspirated 600 horsepower 5.9-litre V12 (now ditched for the new Vantage of course — but still does the bizz in the Rapide and Vanquish S) mated to a seven-speed manual. With 600 horsepower it’s almost as good as the output of its spiritual forebear which made 608 from its twin-supercharged V8.

The first car was commissioned by a buyer who agreed to let Aston build a small run for the model which has lots of nods to the original including a carbonfibre body, new sides strakes and a pumped up bonnet. It also features a darkened front grille like the 1999 model along with lightweight seats and a carbonfibre centre console.

If you like the new, er old Vantage then there’s hope; not every example has sold. It’s available on request and will be delivered later this year, so, you better hurry. 


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