Affalterbach is really getting the hang of this in-house supercar thing — Mercedes-AMG has just extended the GT range with the third drop-top on offer and the seventh car in the line-up overall, the new AMG GT S Roadster.

Slotting in between the 476-horsepower GT Roadster and 557-horsepower GT C Roadster, the new GT S Roadster is rated at 522bhp and 670Nm of torque from the ubiquitous 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Zero to 100kph is quoted by the Germans to come up in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of just shy of 310kph.

The latest AMG soft top will be available this summer, and according to Mercedes will complete the range with three Roadsters and four Coupes on offer. Seeing as it’s neatly in the middle of the range there is enough standard kit included such as staggered 19in and 20in wheels. Mercedes also throws in Nappa leather, active air conditioning, adaptive electronically controlled suspension, LEDs, and a dynamic rear spoiler that extends at speed automatically.


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Additionally customers can spec the fabric roof in three colours: black, beige or red, and if you pay extra you can have options like the Burmester sound system, parking assist, reversing camera, and a bunch of driving assists. Finally the performance minded AMG Dynamic Plus optional package features dynamic engine mounts and stiffer suspension, and if you throw in another Dh30,000 on top, carbon ceramic brakes too.

Otherwise you can wait for the Brits to do their own take on an open sports car, the upcoming Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. Gaydon’s drop-top will also roll out with the AMG GT’s running gear, although the Germans will supply 4.0-litre V8s tuned to deliver 510 horsepower. The two related cars (for a 5 per cent stake Mercedes supplied Aston Martin with powertrains and tech) will be closely matched in comparison tests everywhere, but in the end it will come down to what you prefer saying, “I drive a Merc,” or, “I drive an Aston.”

The Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster order books are already open, and you’re looking at around Dh570,000 just to get started behind the wheel of one of these.


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