If you thought Bugatti’s Chiron was ballistic, we’ve got news for you. The Molsheim-based purveyor of hypercars is on the verge of unleashing something even more rapid than the physics-defying Chiron.

Say hello to the Bugatti Divo, an ultra-exclusive go-faster special that will be revealed at The Quail Motorsports Gathering in California on August 24. Bugatti will build just 40 units, priced at a (deep breath) gob-smacking Dh21m. Makes the Chiron seem cheap at less than half the price.

For this monumental outlay, prospective owners will get a car that Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann promises will have less weight but even more downforce and cornering G-force than the record-breaking Chiron.

As for the name, it’s a reference to Albert Divo, a Grand Prix pilot who raced for Bugatti in the 1920s. Among his claims to fame was winning the treacherous Targa Florio (twice) in the iconic Type 35.

The French marque is for now keeping mum on the Divo’s tech details, but the accompanying image of the car under a silk sheet shows there’s a large wing that sits above the purposeful rear diffuser. There’s also a winglet on each flank of the car, just ahead of the rear wheelarch.

Look closely and you’ll be able to make out a different window line from the Chiron. Where the standard car has a C-shaped section framing the side window, the Divo appears to have a crease that runs from the rear of the window to the front wheelarch.

Bugatti design boss Frank Heyl says the Divo retains the brand’s styling DNA yet moves the game on in many areas. “We’ve kept and further developed our Bugatti design DNA features, but on top of that have also taken the opportunity to exercise our freedom and create a completely new form language,” he says.

Rather than being a track-only device (a la McLaren P1 GTR), Bugatti stresses the Divo has been conceived for road use, although it’s said to also be eminently track-capable