Geely has made rapid strides of late – both in terms of the quality and diversity of its product line-up – and here’s another salvo the Chinese car-making powerhouse is set to unleash. Dubbed the Geely FY11 Coupe, the newcomer is clearly an Asian take on coupe-mimicking SUVs such as the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe.

There isn’t much technical nitty-gritty to go on for now, but what we do know is that the FY11 shares its

CMA (compact modular architecture) with the Volvo XC40. This arrangement is made possible by the fact that Geely has owned the Swedish brand since 2010.

This tie-up has helped elevate Geely from a purveyor of poorly built copycat vehicles into a manufacturer that now turns out some decent cars that stand up to comparison with Japanese and Korean offerings.

The fact the FY11 Coupe shares its core architecture with the Volvo XC40 implies it will have world-class crashworthiness, which certainly wasn’t a Geely forte in years gone by. The FY11 is also expected to score a comprehensive range of mod-cons and safety kit, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, semi-autonomous steering, a raft of airbags and autonomous emergency braking.

There’s as yet no word on powertrains, but there are several possibilities in store as the CMA platform can accommodate front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive hardware, propelled by either EV, hybrid or conventional three- and four-cylinder combustion engines. If it mimics the XC40 range, the new Geely FY11 Coupe SUV will serve up outputs from 155bhp to 250bhp, depending on the engine choice.

Its maker boasts the SUV coupe will have “true sporting credentials as the most driver focused car to date” and will be a “strong statement in the next steps of Geely Auto’s design language”.

Styled under the watch of former Volvo (and now Geely) design boss Peter Horbury, who is also in charge of sister brands Lotus, Proton and Lynk & Co, the new SUV previews the design language that will grace all upcoming Geely models.