BMW crammed its current-gen 7 Series with a host of clever tech when it launched in 2015, yet the flagship Bimmer has lived in the shadow of the funkier Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the sales race.

The Bavarian brand’s brains trust hasn’t taken too kindly to this, and the result is the vehicle you see pictured here. It’s the most extensive mid-life revamp any of the six generations of the 7 Series have been subjected to, with a raft of upgrades both inside and outside to boost the limo’s appeal.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is that massive grille up front, and this is becoming a BMW trademark of late, with both the X5 and X7 SUVs also sporting XXL nostrils in an attempt to visually distance them from their competitors.

In the case of the 7 Series, the big grille is all the more prominent due to the contrast created by a new headlight cluster that’s slimmer than before. The standard beams are adaptive LEDs, but an added spend gets you the BMW Laserlight package with its high-beam range of up to 560m. The front end is 50mm taller at its highest point, and it flows into a bonnet with more sharply cut contour lines and a larger BMW roundel.

Out back, the lower rear apron mimics the design of the front air intakes, while the integrated exhaust tailpipes have broader chrome surrounds. The taillights are also 35mm slimmer than before and have a three-dimensional profile. Inside, there’s the option of quilted Nappa Leather and new premium trim materials, and BMW claims the revamped 7 Series is quieter than before thanks to acoustic tweaks throughout the cabin.

The powertrain line-up has also been updated and the biggest gainer is the 750i/750Li, which scores a brand-new 4.4-litre V8 with 523bhp (up 60bhp on the oldie) and 750Nm (+100Nm) for a 0-100kph split of 4.0sec.


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