The fastest street-legal car in the world is here, folks! Automobili Pininfarina — in partnership with specialist luxury car retailer Adamas Motors — launched the all-electric 1,900 horsepower Battista hypercar at a special event at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts in Dubai earlier this week.

In case you have forgotten just how fast this thing is here’s a quick reminder of some of its incredible performance figures (we hope you’re sitting down...): it can do 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds making it faster to the ton than a modern-day Formula 1 car, 0-300kph in 11.8 seconds, has a top speed of 350kph and generates 2,300Nm of torque... Caught your breath yet? Ok, we’ll move on then. The Battista, which arrived in the UAE just days after its North American debut in New York, has four electric motors and a driving range of 450km on a single charge and uses a 120 kWh lithium battery laid out in a T-shape configuration to aid its weight distribution.This speed machine is built on a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and carbon fibre body panels and it clearly represents a new level of desirability for electrification.

Luca Borgogno, Design Director, Automobili Pininfarina, said: “We are proud to be in Dubai for the Battista’s Middle East debut. Just a few weeks after it was launched at the Geneva International Motor Show, where it received an amazing reception, we have arrived in one of the world’s most discerning countries for supercars and luxury cars. The Battista’s classic hypercar proportions combined with cutting-edge technology that delivers 1,900 hp and zero emissions will be a new experience for its owners in the UAE.”

Just 150 of the Italian-designed and hand-built hyper GTs will be built at the iconic Pininfarina S.p.A. automotive atelier in Cambiano, Italy, next year and 50 are anticipated to be available for the Middle East and Asia markets.

It’ll have a price point of between $2m and $2.5m, with each car expected to be bespoke to its customer.