The mere notion of bulletproof vehicles may sound a little absurd but if you thought they just belonged in the world of Bond with 007 weaving his Aston through all manner of explosions without even chipping the paint, we have news for you! They’ve long since been a part of real life with several political figures in the world (the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Kim Jong-un and several others) opting to travel in vehicles such as these to increase their personal safety. There’s also been an increase in demand for these vehicles which are able to withstand violent attacks from high profile movie and pop stars choosing to ride in them. But, what if you fear for your safety on the school run (kids are vicious these days…) but still want something that looks a little better than the Beast, well, BMW has your back in the shape of the X5 Protection VR6.

It may look like any other X5 out there but this one can withstand bullets from an AK-47 and rounds as large as 7.62×39-mm – officially known as VR6 level of armor. If your attackers have bombs, it’s good to know that the BMW can survive a blast from 15kg of TNT from as close to four meters. It has been fitted with high-strength steel panels in the doors, side frames, roof, and firewall while there are also aluminium pieces for guarding the underbody and luggage compartment. The windows measure 30mm thick for the windshield, doors, and rear and there’s a splinter protection to keep occupants from getting cut if the cabin was compromised. Options include an armored roof to handle a drone attack blast from up to 200 grams of C4 explosives.

The X5 Protection packs the familiar 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 making 523 horses and 750Nm of torque meaning it can whisk you out of trouble in a jiffy. It does 0-100kph in under 6 seconds and has a top speed of 210kph. It rides on 20in wheels wrapped with tyres packing reinforced sidewalls allowing the BMW to keep going even if it has had a complete loss of pressure. The SAV can seat up to four and features an intercom that allows for communication with the outside world.

That sure is a lot of protection – it basically amounts to a tank for the road. If you’re a politician/actor/singer and require one of these then your policies/movies/songs must really stink!