McLaren has revealed the new 620R and it is the wildest thing to come out of Woking yet! The race-spec and road-ready variant for its Sports Series line-up will go into limited production early next year. 

Sharing much of its chassis and aerodynamic hardware with the 570S GT4 racer, the new McLaren features the DNA of a fully homologated track car. It’s the fastest Sports Series model yet; it utilises the familiar twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 dialed to 612 horsepower (620PS, as its name suggests) and 620Nm of torque (that is 50 horses and 20Nm more than the standard 570S) after tweaking the ECU and turbocharger management. It can get from 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 322kph. In its lightest spec, the 620R weighs 1,282kg.

It packs the GT4 car’s two-way manually adjustable coilover system (the dampers are 6kg lighter than the standard units) and it has been engineered to run on slick tyres (it comes with Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slicks from the factory) while the brakes are carbon ceramic. 

It also gets the same adjustable carbon fibre rear wing as the GT4 (it helps the car develop 185kg of downforce at 250kph) along with a redesigned front bumper, splitter and bonnet which have all been designed to improve airflow.

The cabin comes without any carpeting, glovebox, air-conditioning or a navigation system in a bid to keep the weight down (you can have these and an audio system installed at no extra cost if you wish) while the lightweight carbon fibre racing seats get six-point harnesses as standard.


It follows models such as the roofless Elva, the practical GT, 600LT Spider, and track-only Senna GTR from the Woking carmaker this year.

Just 350 will be built and each will come with a numbered plaque on the dash.