You may recall Volkswagen introduced a new, flatter logo last September and now BMW has followed suit with a new badge of their own which was proudly displayed on the bonnet of the just revealed all-electric four-door Concept i4.

For the first time that we can recall, BMW is redesigning its logo, the famous roundel.  While the circular shape and basic architecture are the same, the middle still has the blue and white colors of the Bavarian state from which BMW hails. Photo: Supplied

The iconic black ring that surrounded the blue-and-white pie inside is no more – instead what we have is a transparent ring which allows the paint shine through. In this case it is the beautiful Frozen Light Copper hue. The logo is also flatter but not to the extent that it looks like a sticker. It’s a bid to catch new and younger buyers according to BMW, we’ll see if it works.

Crisp, smooth lines and taut volumes merge into a rich, smoothly contoured sculpture and create a clear surfacing language. Photo: Supplied

Badge aside, the electric saloon is quite the looker; we have endured years of teasing and now that it has finally been revealed, we have to say we’re not disappointed. Boasting a long wheelbase, fastback roofline and short overhangs, it has an aggressive front end with a closed of kidney grille that stretches almost to the ground and sharp creases all over the body to give it a lithe appearance. Incidentally, the grille will be used to house various sensors, according to BMW.

As for the specs, BMW claims the i4 will have a EPA-estimated range of 600km on a full 80kWh battery.

BMW says the modern, elegant exterior represents a deliberate counterpoint to the dynamic flair of the driving experience... Photo: Supplied

Its single motor will produce 530 horses which is plenty, in fact, BMW says it’s on par with one of the company’s V8 combustion engines. They also say it can hit 100kph from rest in 4.0 seconds.

The cabin, which can accommodate four passengers, is a nice mix of the sportscar-inspired i8 cockpit, and the i3’s more spacious, material-mixing aesthetic and it’ll look huge too thanks to an all-glass roof allowing lots of natural light in.

The BMW Curved Display encompasses a large proportion of the section in front of the driver and above the centre stack, and gives the front area a very modern appearance. Photo: Supplied

You can’t miss the huge curved screen that stretches from the left side of the steering wheel nearly all the way to the passenger’s seat; like Tesla, it doesn’t have any buttons (there are just a few on the steering wheel) but you do get a knob and some buttons in the centre console.

The i4 is slated to enter production in 2021.