As the most successful Rolls-Royce dealer globally, Abu Dhabi Motors has commissioned and sold some of the most celebrated bespoke models ever built in Goodwood.. This week, the dealership has welcomed an ultra-exclusive Rolls-Royce, the Phantom ‘Iridescent Opulence’.

Designed by Swiss-based Nature Squared, a specialist in creating remarkably beautiful finishes using the latest technology and sustainable natural materials, this special Phantom Gallery commission is crafted from thousands of shimmering, colourful feathers.

Photo: Supplied

After identifying a sustainable species of bird with a rich dense plumage, over 3,000 tail feathers were selected for their iridescence, individually shaped to accentuate the sheen and rich hue of the natural feathers and hand-sewn onto an open pore fabric in a design that originates from the heart of ‘The Gallery’, the clock.

The clock itself is inlaid with a Mother of Pearl surround, which accentuates the radiant texture of the feathers.

Photo: Supplied

“The Gallery in Rolls-Royce Phantom is a unique space that provides the perfect stage to showcase artworks. ‘Iridescent Opulence’ by Nature Squared is a brilliant example of what can be commissioned and displayed in that space. I’m delighted to unveil Phantom with ‘Iridescent Opulence’ Gallery here in Abu Dhabi with our partners Abu Dhabi Motors,” says César Habib, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East and Africa.

“Spectacular Bespoke commissions and collection cars reaffirm Rolls-Royce’s status as the world’s foremost manufacturer of luxury products and with Abu Dhabi being one of the strongest markets for Bespoke Rolls-Royce models in the region, we are extremely excited to be revealing this masterpiece at Abu Dhabi Motors,” says Tarek Moataz, Brand Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi Motors.