It doesn’t get much better than a Caterham Seven. Well, alright, it does – but we’re massive fans of the English-based company and all of its model, especially that one. The stripped-out sportscar which laughs in the face of creature comforts and that weighs next to nothing is a blast to drive. And now, Caterham has revealed a new variant of the Seven called the 310 – which seems to have turned up by accident...

It is based on the 270 and in Caterham’s own words, the 310 is an “unplanned baby” which came about after engineers at the firm’s motorsport department were fiddling with the naturally-aspirated 1.6-litre four-cylinder courtesy of Ford so that racers could move up to the Supersport category from Tracksport. The 310, they say, provides the perfect balance of power and handling.

The four-pot gets upgraded cams and an ECU tune and has been poked and prodded to make 155 horsepower at a screaming 6,800rpm. That is 20 more horses than the 270. That may not seem like a massive leap in power but since the 310 weighs just 861kg, the extra oomph will definitely make itself known. It can hit 100kph in five seconds. Existing 270 owners will be able to upgrade their engine for around Dh7,500.

Aesthetically, not too much has changed but we like the new LED lights on the newbie. Caterham also has a R Package for those who want to pit their cars on the track and these versions feature a limited-slip differential, a lightweight flywheel, a sports suspension, composite seats with four-point harnesses, and a carbon fibre dash. If you want just a daily driver then the S Package will be right up your street what with full carpeting, a heater, leather upholstery, a soft top and what do you know, a full windshield too. Deliveries will start early next year.