Jägermeister’s cars have been racing since the Seventies when the beverage brand first got involved in motorsport sponsorship, blitzing tracks all over the world in its iconic orange liveries. Most closely associated with outfits like Kremer, Zakspeed and Max Moritz Racing, Jägermeister cars were usually seen near the front of the field in the wild, silhouette shapes of winged Porsches and BMWs.

The latter decided to celebrate this era and BMW’s Jägermeister cars — back then, normally 2002s and first-generation E21 3 Series models — with a concept for the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California.

If it looks familiar that’s because it’s a BMW 2002 Hommage we first saw earlier this year at Villa d’Este as part of the company’s 100th anniversary celebrations, but with a spin.

Dubbed Turbomeister, this Hommage also evokes the spirit of the original 2002 Turbo, the first European production turbocharged car and BMW’s early step towards such milestones as Nelson Piquet’s F1 world championship title aided by BMW turbo power in 1983.

BMW design boss Karim Habib says, “With its iconic orange/black paintwork, the car has a colour scheme and livery synonymous in the minds of many motorsport fans with the triumphs of the Seventies.”

Like the Villa d’Este Hommage, this one from Pebble Beach also features an aggressive shark nose and very short, taut overhangs, with exuberant aerodynamic features such as the massive rear wing and snowplough spoiler. The fat fenders are an echo from the 2002 Turbo’s extended wheelarches, a homologation kit necessary in those days to accommodate its wider tyres.

Sadly BMW these days has the M department preoccupied with SUVs, or SAVs as it calls them, and the company doesn’t even participate in top-tier racing any more be it rallying, Le Mans or F1, and the Turbomeister Hommage is exactly that, a eulogy to successes past. Still, it’s always nice to reminisce.