Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari… the list of super exclusive hypercars you can buy is growing bigger by the day. But even after two decades of its launch, the McLaren F1 still has an aura around it that’s unmatched by any other car. The world’s fastest production automobile with a naturally aspirated engine, the McLaren F1 is considered the best of the best by many, and rightly so. However, with just 106 built overall, out of which only 64 being road cars, it’s also extremely rare and getting your hands on one is a challenge, even if you’re willing to throw millions at a current owner.

But if you’re someone who already has all the aforementioned hypercars in your garage and are waiting for that chance to snap up an F1 to complete the portfolio, then this could well be your best chance. McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the British carmaker’s customisation, maintenance and restoration wing, has put up a McLaren F1 in immaculate condition for sale. Bearing chassis number 069, the F1 is 17 years old, but has clocked only 4,506km, and has been fully maintained by MSO. One of six F1s made in 1998, the last year of production, chassis number 69 was the 60th model overall to be hand-built in Woking.

The car, clad in Carbon Black, features subtle detailing including a stealth finish to the 17in centre-locking magnesium wheels. The iconic central driver’s seat is finished in black with contrasting red leather, with the two passenger seats done up in black Alcantara. It comes complete with all the original paraphernalia including fitted luggage, complete Facom titanium lightweight tool kit and tool box, all books and literature, including the numbered LM Edition of the ’Driving Ambition’ McLaren F1 book, and a limited-edition McLaren F1 owner’s watch.

Under the bonnet is the same bespoke naturally aspirated mid-mounted 627bhp 6.1-litre V12 engine that helped the F1 set the world record for fastest production road car with a top speed of 390.7kph; a title that it still holds. Designed by Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens, the McLaren F1 was also the first road car to feature a full carbon fibre chassis, a central driving position, and an engine bay lined with gold.

There’s no price quoted, but be ready to dig deep into your pocket. To give you an idea, a twice-crashed F1, owned by actor Rowan Atkinson, fetched a whopping £8m (Dh43m) early last year, while another, chassis number 073 LM specification model, was auctioned off for $13.75m (Dh50.5m) a couple of months later. If those are figures that won’t make much of a dent to your bank balance, go ahead and shoot a mail to specialoperations@mclaren.com right now.