We don’t care if our trousers and shirts come from jumble sales and so we’re not the least bit bothered about the line of clothing created by Tommy Hilfiger or anyone else for that matter in the fashion industry. However, we are interested in other facets of the American designer’s life – his passion for cars and in particular his Enzo which is heading to auction.

The rare supercar, which RM Sotheby's has listed for their Arizona auction on January 19-20, 2017, was built in 2003 and is one of just 400 ever produced by Ferrari. It is in superb condition with barely any mileage on the clock; just 5,829km shows on the odometer meaning Tommy clearly didn’t have much time to drive it around. With a red exterior and brown interior looking as good as new, it sure is in top shape and even though these usually command a price tag of around Dh14million, this particular example could fetch even more due to its famous connection.

Packing the original 6.0-litre V12 which makes 660 horsepower and 656Nm of torque, the 1,365kg Enzo can hit 100kph from rest in just 3.2 seconds and it’ll go on to a top speed of 350kph. It could easily take on today’s elite and just why he wants to get rid of this one is not known but the fact he also put his lavish Plaza Hotel home in New York City up for sale earlier this year for $70 million (Dh256million) would suggest financial issues. Though the home is yet to sell, the Ferrari will be gone in minutes when bidding starts.