We’ve only managed to connect two pieces together of Lego’s spectacular 911 GT3 RS (there are 2,704 pieces in total…), and now, it’s unveiled yet another brilliant (complicated) new kit of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle. And this one, just like the Porsche, looks fantastic.

This one ‘only’ has 1,167 pieces so by our calculations we’ll be done in about 583 days. Actually, it’ll probably take longer as this model has a number of special features and elements that help recreate the distinctive shape of the iconic Bug from the swinging Sixties. But, we shouldn’t feel so bad about ourselves because Lego designers have tried to make a proper-looking Beetle for eight years but just couldn’t get it right! We remember a much older and much brickier model a few years ago that looked nothing like the Bug, getting the curves right was the trickiest aspect, but this time, they have nailed it.

It’s painted in a distinctive blue colour scheme and features curved fenders, a flat windshield, VW logos, a rack on the roof (it’s accompanied by a surf board, cooler box – with a few drinks in it – and a striped cloth beach towel!) and it even has period-correct hubcaps but best of all, a comprehensive four-cylinder air-cooled engine - in the boot of course. It has a spare tyre under the bonnet (and a fuel tank) while removing the roof reveals a cabin that is finished in beige and packs forward-tilting seats, a detailed dashboard and a working steering wheel. The detail on this thing really is incredible – it even has surf stickers on the rearview windows and four different license plate options.

If you ever finish it (unlike us) it’ll measure 150mm high, 290mm long and 120mm wide and would look epic on your desk top. Bug fans, what are you waiting for? Oh right, August, when it’ll go on sale.