Have you got a few hours hours on hand and wondering what’s the best way to squander them? Wonder no more, the good folk at McLaren have recently launched the online configurator for its new and matter-of-factly titled 720S supercar, and it’s just the job for a boring Thursday afternoon.

Developing 720ps (710bhp, if you ask us) from its 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 mounted mid-ship, the Ferrari 488GTB rival boasts some stellar performance figures. However, it’s the absolutely stunning design that really does it for us.

You can spec your hypothetical coupé in standard 720S form or if you pony up some more cash in Luxury and Performance garbs. There are 34 different body finishes available and given its many wonderfully complex design details, the way it looks is heavily colour dependent. Darker shades tend to diminish much of the surface detailing, so we’d recommend brighter hues.

The configurator also allows you to spec pretty much every exterior detailing in carbon fibre, while there are 11 wheel choice, including various finishes. The brake callipers can be specced in eight different shades to complement your pick of alloys.

The cabin can be finished in either Jet Black or three two-tone options. Our favourite, undoubtedly, is the  Scoria Grey and McLaren Orange option. Floor mats are optional too, which is a bit tight of McLaren given the over a million dirham price tag of the car.

Once you have spent precious working time on speccing up your very special 720S, you can download the specifications of your car in PDF format. Or, if unlike us, the millions you have aren’t entirely fictional, then you can proceed to order your car.

We recommend you check the 720S configurator here and share your creations on the wheels Facebook page. The most outstanding job of, er, configurating will receive a million internet points, which have the financial, real word value of exactly nought.