SUV manufacturer Porsche has just announced a major milestone concerning its niche product, the 911 model. The quintessential sportscar, an icon on wheels dating back to 1963, has just rolled off the Zuffenhausen production line for the millionth time, and quite appropriately considering that it’s the Porsche family’s favourite colour, the one-millionth 911 rolled off the line as a Carrera S in Irish Green.

Naturally you can’t buy it as it’s heading to the Porsche Museum opposite the red-brick factory where it was made, but not before the milestone 911 embarks on a tour around the world, getting some miles on the odometer with planned road trips through Scotland, around the Nürburgring, and as far as the US and China.

It’s hard to grasp how Porsche has made a million examples of such an exclusive vehicle, but when you consider that the company started aggressively expanding production into the recent water-cooled age of the 911, and that in 2016 Porsche made 32,000 911s, then it starts making sense. Just 20 years ago in 1997 as the last air-cooled Porsche 911 generation was going out of production, the company was manufacturing 32,000 vehicles in total, and today that number accounts for just the 911 line, while the total sits at over 230,000 vehicles produced a year. Considering those figures, during the 54-year run of the 911 model, Porsche produced half of that million total inside the last 15 years.

So taking into account Porsche’s exponential growth you can look forward to the two-millionth 911 in a couple of decades, in Irish Green of course, but whether it’ll be powered by a flat-six or a flat-pack battery remains to be seen.