Motorists living in Abu Dhabi will now find it easier to identify the right workshop for their cars. All automotive workshops in the capital will now be assessed and rated officially by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC). The pilot project, launched in association with Saaed, will classify car workshops in Abu Dhabi by rating from one to five stars.

The project, which aims to raise the standards of vehicle repair services, will base these ratings on a number of mandatory and optional requirements. These include security, health and safety, appearance and environment, manpower, tools and equipment, materials, and methods of work. “In offering services related to quality infrastructure, QCC seeks to support the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan, such as creating an enabling business environment and empowering the private sector,” says Abdullah Hassan Al Muaini, executive director of Conformity Scheme Services at QCC. “We are confident that our vehicle workshop classification scheme will enhance the competitiveness of the emirate with regard to the quality of services provided to motorists, while providing an enriching experience for customers and members of society at large,” he adds. He said the scheme also aims to motivate car workshop owners to upgrade their offerings, improve the quality of their services, and ensure customer satisfaction.

During the pilot stage, representatives from Saaed will visit automotive workshops to perform the assessments and will give facilities that fail to meet the mandatory requirements a fixed timeframe to comply with the required standards.