As you will all have heard by now, the RTA is aiming for 25 per cent of all journeys in Dubai to be handled by autonomous vehicles by the year 2030 and this aim was approved by Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, RTA. 

New legislations for autonomous transport, developing conditions and regulations for testing and licensing of self-driving vehicles and addressing the requirements of infrastructure will soon be put in place. What’s more, developing a structure for e-security and a communication system to enable interaction between autonomous vehicles and create high-definition e-maps is on the cards too.

Al Tayer said, “RTA’s Self-driving Transport Strategy has several attributes that sets it apart from other strategies. First, the transition to self-driving in Dubai is powered by a government entity whereas it is the private sector that drives this transition in many other cities and countries. Secondly, Dubai’s strategy is inclusive of all mass transit modes such as trains, buses, marine transit modes and taxis, as well as private vehicles, while many countries focus on a limited number of transit modes”.

This is massive news and if you never liked being driven by someone in a car, bus or water taxi and prefer them to be driven autonomously then you’ll be rejoicing. For those who have reservations for a driverless future, you better get used to it as the technolgy is there and it's coming. Sounds a little ominous? Go take your out car for a spin... while you still can!