The name Transylvania has been inseparably entwined with legend of Count Dracula, but the stunningly beautiful region of Romania is also home to one of the world’s most challenging and spectacular driving roads. The winding 90km Transfagarasan mountain pass, built in the early Seventies to allow Romanian troops to cross the Carpathian Mountains quickly in the event of a Soviet invasion, is closed to traffic from October to June. That means you’re left with just three months a year to enjoy this road.

Italian supercar maker Lamborghini decided to make the most of it as soon as the Transfagarasan was opened this year by taking six Huracáns for a drive along the switchbacks. In all-wheel drive and rear-wheel-drive guise, these included Coupés and Spyders, including the latest, record-breaking Performante version.

In the video above, you can watch this exotic convoy negotiating the arduous mountain road, from the city of Sibiu, through the village of Cartisoara all the way to the highest point at Lake Balea and again descending towards the Vidraru dam.