Borgward has been putting its new BX7 SUV — one of the first new models of the brand to be launched in the GCC — through its paces in a series of on-the-road testing in the UAE.

The German brand finished its first set of tests here — including the temperature test which was conducted during the height of summer between August 2 and 12, to measure the models adaptability to the blazing heat. By all accounts, it stood up to the test very well.

“The pre-launch testing is part of a comprehensive pre-launch strategy by Borgward as we move into one of the most important markets for us.” said Philipp Schimitt, chief electrical engineer of Borgward Group AG.

“The BX7 was tested in the desert by Al Aweer, showing indifferent to the scorching heat. Whether it’s cruising from Dubai to Al Ain, or powering up hills in Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, the BX7 stays perfectly cool,” he added.

In the tests of static AC performance, AC performance when running, mountain climbing and idling performance, BX7 met all the criteria in terms of thermal management, warm start at maximum temperature, thermal protection of supercharger, exhaust temperature, coolant, engine oil and engine intake air temperature control.

“Checking on key performance under the August sun has been an ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate the capabilities of the vehicle under local conditions,” concluded Schimitt.