Lamborghini has reached a couple of milestone figures — it’s produced 7,000 Aventadors in the last six years and 9,000 Huracáns in just half of that time!

Ever since Volkswagen Group took ownership, the Italian supercar maker has been churning out the two brutes like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, the Huracán will likely overtake the Gallardo (which reached a production figure of 14,022 units during its 10-year run from 2003-2013) and become the most popular Lambo of all time.

Upgrading the Sant’Agata Bolognese production facility to help it cope with the demands of building the Urus there has sure helped speed up production of the duo. The Italians predict the crossover will be even more successful that its two mid-engined stablemates and we don’t doubt that for a second. We all know how important the SUV/CUV segment globally is and the Urus will be a surefire hit. What’s for certain is that we can expect a lot more bulls on the road in the very near future.

The landmark Aventador that rolled of the line was an S Roadster finished in Grigio Adamas (that’s silver to you and us) and is heading to its new owner in the US while the milestone Huracan, a Blue Nethuns Performante, is on its way right here in Dubai.