How will you ensure the Urus makes a positive impact in the SUV class?

We are now competing in a segment that is represented by all the manufacturers, not just our traditional rivals and we have to make sure that our service and aftersales is up to speed.


Can you give us an idea of the sort of production numbers that we can expect?

We want to remain exclusive and keep Urus numbers realistic in the first year but if in the future we have the possibility to increase the production capacity without compromising quality then we can look at it.

We need to be cautious of the market in the first year to make sure our production stays in scale with our servicing and the expectations of customers that will be new to us.


What’s next for Lamborghini?

The next step is hybridisation across the full range but we want to continue with the internal combustion engines we have on our super sports. Urus will help us develop this because we need to go in that direction. Without Urus we would have been forced to have been more active on hybrid technology across our super sport models, so Urus has allowed us to invest in the new direction that we need to take later. We wanted to show our customers the third millennium concept that shows we already have in mind this new technology and it will be ready for the new range of super sports cars. Most people think that electric technology will be standardised but I’ll tell you, that won’t happen. We are already working on something that will be truly revolutionary and when the technology matures, we will bring it to market.