Does it worry you that by adding an SUV to the range of your supercars could upset the traditionalists?

Our current customers are passionate about Lamborghini, but we also need to meet the expectations of customers who have not owned a super sports car before. We need to be ready to face the people who will use this car every day and not have it as a weekend car like the Huracan or Aventador, so we’ll need to expand our support and service network.


How do you plan on doing that?

We are increasing our network with more dealers and plan to grow from 130 in 2016 to 160 before 2019. We are launching our new showroom and a fresh corporate identity, the face of our showroom is being re-done to show what will be a complete new dimension for Lamborghini. We plan to increase in all markets we are presently in such as the US, Japan, Australia, Canada. We’re expecting higher than double increases for those who are more suitable to this body type such as the Middle East, India and Russia.