BMW has been celebrating the anniversaries of several models lately. Back in 2014, it marked the 30th anniversary of the M5 (300 special editions called the 30 Jahre M5 were built) then in 2016 it was the M3’s 30th anniversary (500 special 30 Jahre cars were built). This year will be the M3 convertible’s 30th birthday and 300 M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre cars will be produced in honour of the topless M3 (remember, two-door M3s are now called M4s).

It was back in the summer of 1988 when the M3 Convertible was launched. It offered motorsport fans the possibility to enjoy also in the open air the fascination of a sportscar designed for everyday use, but with racetrack-proven engine and suspension technology.

The current successor, the M4 Convertible is the latest interpretation of this vehicle concept. This model’s successful tradition and exclusiveness are now expressed in concentrated form in the M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre. The open-top four-seater enthuses with 450hp, an M Sport exhaust system, adaptive M suspension with specific Sport mode and an extremely sporty configuration of the stability control system DSC and the Active M differential.

It also features the Competition Package (this adds a sharper steering, an adaptive suspension, and sportier software settings) 20in matte grey alloy wheels while the kidney grille, side vents, and the lettering all get BMW’s Individual High Gloss Shadow Line treatment. They’ll get “30 Jahre Edition” badges in the cabin and a plaque on the dash showing which of the 300 cars you’ve got.