This is the penultimate week, guys and gals! In next week’s issue you’ll see our final reminder, er, reminding you that you still have time to vote for your 2018 wheels Car of the Year! We have been banging on about our upcoming wheels Car of the Year awards for over a month now and it won’t be long before all is revealed in our special CotY issue which will be out on March 30. So if you haven’t already voted, head on down to and have your say.

Inside that special issue of wheels, we will feature all of our segment winners and since we have over 20 categories this year, there are bound to be a few surprises in there! That’s not all, our special Readers’ Choice winners, selected by you, will be revealed. They are the Car of the Year and My Wheels of the year. And not to forget the big one — our overall 2018 wheels Car of the Year! We have driven some fantastic models and our panel of experienced motoring journalists have been arguing for weeks about what they feel the winner should be and you’ll find out what we have selected soon enough.

You don’t have much time left to influence our two Readers’ Choice awards what with the cut-off date just days away (March 24) but you could make all the difference by heading to our microsite at and selecting your favourite rides.

So, speak now or forever hold your peace! (Until next year when we do this all over again...)


Voting will close this month, so to choose your favourite My Wheels contender Click here, and to choose your Car Of The Year Click here!