To us mere mortals luxury cars are about aspiration, desirability, and cutting-edge technology. If you’re used to catching the metro or pottering about in a Sunny, the Audi A8 seems like a fantastical thing.

And it is. It parks itself. You just stand there with the smart key in hand and sort of summon it. The new fourth-generation A8 uses an army of lasers, radars, lidars, sensors and immense computing power to figure out its surroundings and get out or into a spot.

And that’s actually what luxury cars are about, to those who actually buy them — peace of mind. And if that’s what you value, the A8 is on another level.

Quiet, fuss-free, secure with quattro all-wheel drive and steerable with a pinky finger thanks to the adaptive electric system, it’s a first-class on lounge with working voice control and handwriting recognition…

Best of all is a little button on the dash (optional, and rolling out on the market as per regional regulations) labeled AI — press it and the new A8 glides on down the (well-marked) highway doing everything including overtaking slower cars with the only command necessary being a flick of the indicator stalk.

While not the most exhilarating thing to drive, its composure perfectly matches the new A8’s understated exterior design, making it a sensible splurge for those looking to roll around in utter luxury a bit on the stealthy side.