There are a handful of car manufacturers which can genuinely claim to build ultra luxury vehicles, but only one whose name is used routinely used to mean “the world’s best”. And whilst Rolls-Royce executives might wince upon hearing the name used to compare two brands of domestic appliance or camera equipment for example, the fact that the words “Rolls-Royce” remain synonymous with “the best there is”, 112 years after the original company was founded, tells you all you need to know about their continued success.

Craftsmanship and tradition remain core elements of the Rolls-Royce ethos and they are in plentiful supply in the new Phantom. Yes, you might struggle at first to detect the subtle differences between the old and new model, but that’s just the way their customers like things, so although there’s now a digital instrument cluster to match the infotainment system, the latter is quickly hidden out of sight at the touch of a button, leaving only a hand finished walnut dash. Or oak, or malabar teak, or whatever takes your fancy if you’re prepared to wait a while and dig deep. Likewise the rear doors now close at the touch of a button, but naturally, the button is as unobtrusive as a loyal English butler. One simply doesn’t flout one’s new features.

Rolls-Royce has taken a perfectly luxurious car, and made it more opulent, a near silent ride, and made it quieter, a torque laden power plant, and made it smoother. The best there is, but better.