Having been introduced quite a while ago, the current fourth-generation Toyota Prado is archaic to say the least, but on the other hand, the Japanese rightly suppose the thing doesn’t need fixing.

In any case the Prado has been on the receiving end of a significant update which qualifies it for our wheels CotY awards, and it speaks volumes of the car’s dependabilities that it’s beaten much younger opposition to take the top prize in its segment. The Baby Cruiser’s reputation is exemplary — just take one look at used residual values of these cars and trouble-free high mileages they attain for proof. The Prado maintains a crazy market share of 25 per cent, and considering just how bursting with choices the SUV buyer is, that figure is the stuff of dreams for other brands and models in any class of car.

Form the outside, the new model stands out mildly, with a new bonnet, and some reshaping of the bodywork, mostly in an attempt to make it look more like the Land Cruiser’s smaller sibling.

But it’s underneath where the new Prado gained most, with off-road kit that will stand up to just about trail in the land.

A highlight is the new Multi-Terrain Select system, which automatically minds vehicle acceleration, braking, and traction to suit either ‘Rock,’ ‘Rock & Dirt,’ ‘Mogul,’ ‘Loose Rock,’ and ‘Mud & Sand.’ Together with gizmos like Hill-start, Downhill Assist, and Crawl Control, it’s nigh on impossible to get stuck and in in any case, easier than ever to get unstuck too.

See, you really do have to respect your elders.