We value your opinion and so as always we involved you, our dear readers, to choose your Car of the Year and My Wheels of the Year. You sure took note of our weekly reminder over the last 6 weeks asking you to head to our microsite (wheels.ae/coty) and pick your favourites from the two Readers’ Choice categories — in fact we were overwhelmed by the number of votes, which ran in excess of 20,000 combined for the two highly popular categories.

We are delighted to reveal that well over 1,000 of you voted for the ferocious Corvette Z06 Convertible as your Car of the Year and it is a fine choice too as you can think of the Chevrolet as the most amazing version of a sportscar that is already amazing by anyone’s measure.

It is the fastest, most powerful car ever produced by General Motors. It sure gives the priciest supercars a run for their millions what with a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 making 650 horsepower and 881Nm of torque through a seven-speed manual transmission no less. It hits 0 to 100kph in just 3.8 seconds, handles like it’s on rails (the magnetorheological shock absorbers deliver a sporty but livable ride while the steering is ever so sharp and has great feedback — opt for the Z07 package and it makes the Z06 even more ludicrously capable) and looks absolutely fabulous — but beware, you need to be on your best day to handle this formidable beast but its wild nature adds to the overall allure of the Chevy.

All of this for a starting price of just Dh265,000 easily makes it one of the best performance cars on sale right now.