This could possibly end up being the last naturally aspirated V12 engined Ferrari ever. As such it deserves celebration for that fact alone. For the fact that 70 years of glorious Maranello screams are nearing their euphoric end.

And thats the right word — this car runs a 6.5-litre V12 engine that puts every twin-turbocharged V8 on the market to shame. With instant response and a pure addiction for the red line, the motor makes its peak power of 800bhp at a dizzying 8,900rpm, at which point you’ve seen the light. Turbocharged engines after getting a taste of this are just so joy-sapping to settle for.

So if you’ve got the means, make the most of it now. A high-revving free-breathing V12 has been one of life’s great joys ever since those smiths around Modena started combining their talents for metalwork to their dispositions for speed. And now it’s a joy getting harder to experience.

Maybe Ferrari will go hybrid, maybe they’ll put a blower on everything to meet stringent CO2 demands, but this will always finally represent this era, this changing of the guard, the old school giving way to the new.

In the case of the 812 Superfast it’s pretty clear the old guard still has plenty to teach the newcomers. And despite it being a tech feast with active aerodynamics and exquisite electronics, on an emotional level and with its purity of drive, it is still a classic case of la dolce vita.